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Xan's Paradise

Welcome to my paradise

I'm Xan

I try to do many random things just so I can challenge myself and when I find that I'm good at it i get bored and move on to something else.

I have future dreams, but not the willingness to work for it. I'm really lazy,but i get good grades anyway.

I am a day-dreamer. XD. I have a bad/good habit of thinking about 'now' rather than 'later'. I talk and act before I think. And I talk a lot - at least in RL. I'm kinda weird. I am an attention whore.

If you can put up with all this weirdness, be my friend.
I am hooked on many fandoms, including:
Harry Potter, Inheritance Cycle, JE Entertainment, recently Jonas Brothers and Merlin.

Follow me on Twitter: Xancrish

Profile banner credit goes to: kamepi_chan, and the layout is done by kimmyxfleur from okimiyage Comm. Thank you!

I have user pics/wallies and what from okimiyage, and many other users (I don't remember who since it's been such a long time). Please leave a message if you find me using your pics and I will credit you. (Sorry for the inconvinience)